Airbrushed paintings

Here are some paintings on more typical surfases such as canvas, masonite and similar.

I just created this page so please give me a few days to fill it up.

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These are all one of a kind..

This Emmet Kelly is sold. It is now on display in Los Angeles California.
I'm presently doing a whole series of paintings on these raised panels!
These are '06 paintings and most are wildlife and western paintings.

Here's a Zebra and below, a Pronghorn (Antelope)

I was inspired by a close encounter with this pronghorn.

Free hanging raised panel Equine paintings.

I was inspired by a vintage photo.

Just to show you the lil pic lower right is what I had to go by.

"Winston" from a photo supplied by customer

This kitty was for a Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser in Deland Florida

Painting with relief lettering for a youth ministry in Largo Florida

Surfboard lettering Airbrushed

From a photo supplied by customer.
The face of the Dog was as small as my thumb nail.
The funny thing was when I was done, it was actual LIFE SIZE!!! LOL
Photo below sent to me by customer.

Here's something I don't get to do everyday!
I took my big gun with some paint and went to town.
The lines on the field help me judge size... LOL
My audience liked it!

I don't have a good pic of it but that was a decent Steven Tyler painting in the back (right).

I did this one day because I liked Nash Bridges Cuda.

This was for my cousin who likes Mike Alstott and Aerosmith.

Unfinished '1995 "Dusty" ink on board

This person sees a dragon breathing fire.

Dale Earnhardt ...this and ones below this are fast paintings
from my Beach shop and Mall days.

NASCAR King Richard Petty

Jeff Gordon

phins went to Dunedin and Wolf to Arizona

1997 portrait from a wallet photo painted and framed in 45 minutes (my personal record)

Still life while customer waited ('97 I think)
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