Custom Airbrushed Instruments

Feel free to browse some of the guitars and drums I've done. I haven't taken pictures of all of them but here are some pics I do have!

Email me for details on YOUR project!

these are all one of a kind... yours will be too!

Cool Patriotic Bongo Drums done in pearls! This was done in many layers and gives a nice effect under the lights. See these in action with the Funkabilly Playboys!

Corona guitar for a great guitarist. Got to wait til he gets his site up so I can link him!

3D High Definition Hardwoods camo on a (Kramer I believe) guitar. Meant to be "not too busy"

Fender Strat with Leopard done in Pearls.

Blue Max drum head.

Hand lettered and pinstriped Memorial Yamaha Acoustic.

Swamp drum head

Airbrushed cross skull drum head.

Skeleton Drummer drum head.

I did this at a Dixie Letterhead panel jam in Montgomery Alabama.
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