Thank you Niki! (One of my Georgia friends!)

Custom Painted Shirts, Scrubs and Jackets

Airbrushed to your liking and budget!

Shirts fit for a child.....

... or a U. S. Marine!

I can do shirts and caps for all occasions!

Rock and Roll Ace baby!! (this was just a quickie)

Tom and Jerry!

for a ray of light in Georgia!

Dora the Explorer!

Typical Florida Unicorn shirt?

I don't mind painting animals at all!

Tampa Bay Bucs "Chucky" Shirt

Superbowl logo shirt

One of my Fav's from the 60's

For my mechanic!
Nursing scrubs!

Nursing and doctor scrubs

Nothing like custom scrubs to brighten up everyones day!

I can do pretty much anything on these

These were cute though!

Bomber jackets

This suffered time restraints but customer was very pleased which made me happy.
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