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Frequently Asked Questions!

Here are answeres to the most frequently asked questions!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: License plates (Tags) are a thing of passion for me. They run $20-$35 or so shipped. Intense ones maybe a little more. Same with SHIRTS, I don't like them running too high. I like them worn!

Mailboxes: $15 for the box (standard hard box )
$10 for shipping
$ paint costs vary on design (totals average $80 shipped. Higher end boxes surely cost more )

Wheel covers (soft cover)
$20 for the blank cover
$10 Shipping
Paint varies but a typical is $50
(hard covers add $200 for the cover and $100 paint and $40 shipping)
**Wheel covers are up to 29" (standard) unless otherwise arranged or ordered

Q: How long does it take?
USUALLY I have it finished by the time your payment arrives and sent when check clears.
Completion times vary (and change!) due to schedule, work load, seasons, local and national events.

Q: What about a motorcycle or car?
Hoods and tailgates start at $200. Again, prices vary with designs and shop costs.

Q: What type of payment do you take?
Cash, Check and money order.

Q: What is the best way to reach you?
Email is the best way. If you want to talk with me, come see me at the shop or email me your phone number. I am not a phone person and I am "ifone free".

Design work is generally billed on an hourly basis (plus actual expenses) with an estimate of time and a target budget set. Design rate is $50/hr. Expenses would include travel, charges from service bureaus, film developing, postage, and any other out-of-pocket costs. A retainer fee may be requested up front. Full payment must be received before the right to use any images created will be transfered from Robert Salyers to the buyer.
All design work is typically done ``for hire" and upon payment becomes
the exclusive property of the client for unlimited usage. In any case where
this exclusive ownership in not granted it will be clearly stated 
in advance outlining specific restrictions.
Sign jobs are usually quoted per job with all charges stated on a
contract agreement form. Standard policy is 50% upon acceptance
of quote with full balance due upon completion.
In cases where signs are made on a time-and-materials basis,
the rate will be $50/hr. plus a 20% markup on materials.
Because of the highly personalized nature of design and custom manufacturing, all contracted work is considered non-cancellable. If a job must be abandoned or changed radically at the client's request, client will be obligated to pay for all work completed to-date along with any non-returnable parts or services that may have been ordered on their behalf.

Parties or most "on location" events are $100 hr. plus set up charge of $100. Add $50 hr. for additional staff artists if needed for larger parties.

All items are made from the best materials available.


All sales are final. If you can not afford it, please do not order it. There are no refunds.

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