Custom Wheel covers (Vinyl and Hard covers)

28 years of painting wheel covers now! I just need a tire size or dimension across in inches. Jeep tire covers from a fellow Jeeper! Keep in mind some of the pictures here are over 20 years old and I mix the good, bad and the ugly! Drop me an email for any inquiries! Thank you so much for all these years of continued support! Now celebrating 28 years!

Basic pricing guidelines are as follows:
1)Canvas $45

2) Shipping $20 soft cover and $60 hard cover

3) Paint starts $50
Prices vary per job, materials, design and shipping destination and I'll but I also work with your budget if I am given one.

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Steal your face Grateful Dead cover! I have the "click to order" for regular and large but if you are not sure or have a larger or smaller size, email me. If not in stock, 7 to 10 day delivery.

"Keep on Truckin" wheel cover! Please allow up to 2 weeks delivery (unless prior arrangement)

"Keep on Truckin" #1 wheel cover! Please allow up to 2 weeks delivery (unless prior arrangement)

The firedancer tirecover was quite a looker!. I have the "click to order" for regular (27"-29")and large (30"-32") but if you are not sure or have a larger or smaller size, email me. If not in stock, 7 to 10 day delivery.

Portal for adding budget to your custom project! You can purchase anything here. Use button below and select one or more figures. . Shopify payments work best! I'll update this soon!

Christian / Native American I thought this was cool!

Frog wave!

This wheel cover looked awesome!

This wolf tire cover was a favorite!

Cover I did on the back of a Liberty someone sweet sent me this picture!

Vietnam Veteran tire cover was cool! Thank you for your service!

The General Lee!

Add ANY twist on a Butterfly wheel cover!

Support and Bless our troops!!

Liberty Hard cover

9/11/01 tribute Liberty Soft Cover

Jeep Liberty American Butterfly Soft Cover

This pic did not do this cover justice. Great Eagle design!

Great Eagle design!

Special Forces training patch.

Special Ops!

Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom cover! Thank you for your service!

Vietnam Veteran! Thank you for your service!

Original design by customer!

God bless TEXAS!
Yosemite Sam and "Come and Take it" which is where Molon Labe comes from
(Jeep photo by customer)


It's not easy being green!

Cute Kricket!

Maleficent tire cover!


Terrapin Station tire cover with Burning man logo!

5 dogs on a tire cover! Cuties!

I HAD to have a Minion in here somewhere! lol

Another Minion tire cover! lol

Capt. Morgan tire cover

Dark angel/Reaper design!

Silver Texas tire cover!

You got to love the Eugene the Jeep tire cover!!

Maryland flag tire cover! This graphic was a task with an airbrush but I got it!

Star trek badge!

Here's a Betty Boop tire cover!

and a Boop Taxi!


Tattoo on a tire cover!

Aequitas Veritas means Truth and Justice. I think this is from Boondock Saints movie!

Tattoo wheel cover Anchor, heart and bow.

I have done many versions of this American Butterfly.

Classic Road Runner tire cover!

Yellow Hibiscus plant wheel cover.

Hibiscus plant wheel cover.

Here's a Roxy hibiscus wheel cover.

Grady White Tire cover!

Mizzou wheel cover!

This cover came out great I think. Boxers tire cover!

Another good one!!

Jesus tire cover.

"Hakuna Matata" tire cover!

Praying hands tire cover.

No day like today! (Thank you for sending this picture! :0)

Crab with Maryland State flag!

Gadsden "Don't tread on me" wheel cover.

"Don't tread on me" (Gadsden revamped) wheel cover.

Texas State wheel cover!

Steal your face tie dye burst design!

Grateful Dead Skull and Roses design!

Cats under the stars!

It's a Jeep thing dancing bear!

Grateful Dead Raiders cover!

Skull with Oakland Raiders tattoo tire cover!

Truckin / Mr. Natural inspired wheel cover!

Grim reaper tire cover showing supplied art and finished product!

St. Benedict cross tire cover!

I loved this Husky tirecover!!

Go Topless Jeep tire cover

Whimsical Flamingo tire cover.

This had a pearl background that looked GREAT!

B/W portrait.

Fingerprint done in pearl green!

I wish I had a better shot of this lighthouse! It looked much better than this.

Cool frog eh? For one of our dedicated military women!

This matched seats, steering wheel and floor mats!

This pentagram was ordered Christmas at the Airbrush Garage.

This had a pearls all over and I couldn't get a decent shot of it!
Very cool Texas Longhorn cover!

I love fishing covers! How do you like the flounder? I like them broiled with lemon!

"JEEP JEEP" sign


Road Runner! "BEEP" "BEEP"

Road Runner on white!

Jeepin Road Runner! "JEEP JEEP"

Tinkerbelle inspired wheelcover

"Jurassic Park" wheelcover photo by customer.

"Jurassic Park" Officer tirecover.

A LOT of people thought this was cool!

Cool company logo wheel cover!

There's no place like home!

This was an image of a book cover converted to a wheel cover design!

Company logo wheel cover

Black Bear on black!

Here's a couple cuties!

Dalmation wheel cover with pic supplied by customer.

St. Bernard wheel cover

Dog in snow.

"Chief" Shepherd wheel cover

Black German Shepherd wheel cover

I have done a few of these John 14:6 wheel covers! More and more Christian covers are going out each year!

Elliot Sadler wheel cover.

ROTC Raiders cover "Stay Strong!"

Puerto Rican flag, Butterfly and Name. Nice combination!

Grandmas Angels wheel cover.

This scene had John 14:6 in grey above!

�I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

Purple Zebra lettering!

Here's a more recent fairy I did for an awesome person.

Here's another fairy I did for some very special people.

The colors appear off due to pearlized colors. Good Black on Black exercise though!

Original as described by customer!

I now have a Hummer and H2 cover manufacturer right next to me!!!

This was a pretty cool concept

Bill Elliott cover! Hello NASCAR season!

I added pearls to the Bill Elliott cover so it lights up at night!

I saw this when I had my camera and couldn't help but think of a good ad!

Classic Frankenstein

White Tigers

Another version of the White tigers

One of my most awesome customers sent me this pic. Thank you!

Monica Bellucci

Although these aren't all of the covers that I have done, it's a good representation of my work. Complete payment or AT LEAST 50% deposit (non returnable) must made prior to commencement of work. All payments are final and non refundable. Payments must be complete PRIOR to shipping. Look at my work first before ordering. Thank you so much!

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