Airbrushed Motorcycles

Airbrushed in Florida U.S.A. by Robert "Airbrush Bobby" Salyers

I'll find some detailed pics of this Capt. America paint job and add them here soon.

POW/MIA bike shown without badges.

I didn't have much time for this one but it came out nice. The entire bike was a battle scene.

This is the windshield.
Below are some more detailed pics. Some pics were taken while unfinished.

You get a better feel of the battle scene here. Side covers shown also.

The rear Valkarie woman. (shown unfinished) Same on both sides.

Front woman on winged horse and signed, labled "Choosers of the Slain" as the original concept by Ruth Thompson.

Shown uncleared.

other side

Nice lil design

Suzuki parts shown here

Blue on black flames

Lava and Volcano theme

I wish I had a better pic of this. It looked awesome put together. Silver Wolf theme.

"Bad to the Bone"

Modified Stock tank with Eagle 1997 or so

I need to find more pics of this. This bike really came out well. I painted skulls matching the Air cleaner cap shown.

End of the trail"
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